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We, here at Handz-on-Training, Therapy & Education Ltd regard professional knowledge, quality and experience of the teachers as our core values in ensuring that all our learners are taught by fully qualified teachers, experienced fully qualified professionals working currently within their field of expertise. Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge and experience within a wide variety of therapies and are dedicated to share their skills with the learners, enabling them to become our professionals of the future. All our courses offer, extensive background knowledge and plenty of practical training and support which will enable you to qualify and become skilful, confident practitioners. We are able to offer a wide variety of courses for both male and female learners within the following areas;



 Our class sizes are small which ensures individual attention for all learners and we offer ongoing support and guidance even when you are qualified.

Meet The Team

Carole Young. Cert.Ed. Ifl. LCMDip, CIMI, MAR, MSMA, CTHA, and VTCT. Principle/Teacher/IQA Sports Massage/Complementary Therapies/Baby Massage/Teaching Brings along her 18 years of experience of therapies and teaching within both private and public sector venues. Carole is a passionate teacher who feels proud to be able to share her skills and knowledge with learners as they embark on their journey into a variety of therapies, enabling them to develop into good, professional therapists. “I am a firm believer in quality training and teaching with good underpinning knowledge with plenty of Handz-on-Training. My aim is to bring my ethos of learning and training to that of my teachers and the learners who come along to our courses.”